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Born through fashion, it has become a reality: padel is the fastest growing sports trend in the world.

Optimized spaces

Given the size and number of players, a padel court produces twice as much as a tennis court and three times as much as a five-a-side football field at the same time.

Inclusive offer

The padel allows you to differentiate the offer by reaching wider targets. Children and adults, men and women, play padel every day, in everyday life, as well as on vacation.

Immediate Return

The current cost for a game round is € 40. With a minimum of 5 shifts on holidays and 2 shifts on weekdays, a profit of about € 3,000 per month and over € 38,000 per year is expected and this without considering the additional offers.


With over forty years of experience in plant engineering and sports construction, WIP is the best player that the Italian Padel can rely on.



The ISO 9001 quality system guarantees a long life to the pitch, as well as greater safety and comfort for players.



Thanks to the manufacturing processes and the materials used, our structure is guaranteed for at least 5 years. Maintenance-free.

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Our design and installation team delivers padel courts quickly, complete with all accessories,  throughout the Italian territory.

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Very good quality Padel courts delivered very quickly. The company was very helpful and professional.

Gianni A.

DS Club Padel - Benevento

WIP Padel helped me in everything also because it is a company with many years of experience in sports facilities. He satisfied me with all my requests: their flexibility was the key and thanks to the helpful and professional collaborators everything was easier.

Antonio T.

My Padel Club - Caserta
Read Antonio's story →

We must admit that Wip being a southern company we had started with an unfortunately negative bias. Since, however, it was the company that would deliver the fields to us in the shortest time, we wanted to trust it. It turned out to be the best choice we could have made. We received an excellent product with super professional service, remaining much more satisfied than colleagues who had done fields with more "local" companies instead.

Oliviero D.

44padel Fourtyfour - Merlino

I am delighted. Even the customers who come, notice the quality of the product compared to many other courts.

Giuseppe C.

Relè Elasac - Cervinara
Read Giuseppe's story →

With WIP Padel I had a great time from the first online approach. They helped me understand the steps to take to build my court and they satisfied me in choosing the details during the production phase. After that, the court was delivered to me in a shorter time than I expected.

Ernesto I.

Altacollina - Benevento

Fields of excellent quality, they were delivered to me very quickly. I also received very professional treatment.

Biagio D.R.

Santangelo Sport Village

If we are the most popular padel center in our area, we owe it largely to the quality of our fields.

Giovanni C.

The Padel - Scisciano
Read Giovanni's story →

Fields of excellent quality, shortest delivery times in Italy, customer service with attention to the smallest detail.

Gianni A.

Campo Comunale Molinara - Benevento

Very well made fields, super professional service. I would recommend Wip to anyone not yet familiar with it!

Francesco D. R.

Penza Padel - Alife

I ordered the first field of the New Generation of WIP Padel and I must say that I have never seen anything of this level on the market, chapeau to their innovation!

Marco L.

Garden Club - Taormina

I have done three courts in Casolla, in the province of Caserta, and I am fully satisfied with both the quality of the product and the professionalism with which I was treated throughout the entire process.

Sandro I.

Golden Padel

I launched several options before choosing WIP Padel, but I chose them for the scrupulousness and above all competence demonstrated. They seemed to me the most reliable and in the end I was not wrong!

Aldo S.

Palavignoli - Itri
Read Aldo's story →

We had an ambitious project inside an abandoned shed, WIP Padel helped us to make it better.

Antonio P.

Global Padel Factory - Rocca D'Evandro

Field of exceptional quality. The only one in the area to resist salt spray. The company was super professional throughout purchasing and processing.

Angelo C.

Centro Sportivo Vasto - Vasto (Chieti)

I am really satisfied with the work done by Wip. Very good quality fields made in record time.

Assunta M.

Padel Agricolo - Montesarchio

Competence and professionalism have been the basis of WIP Padel's work, the fields speak for themselves.

Ciro V.

Magma Wellness - Cercola

Nothing to say. We were served to the best of our ability. The result is our satisfaction and that of our customers.

Pasquale O.

Pavida Club - Torre Del Greco

Quality fields and excellent customer service. The speed of delivery was truly amazing and allowed me to start work earlier than expected.

Pasquale R.

Polisportiva Itrana - Itri

Fields of excellent quality. Top quality turf and glass. Not to mention the customer service ... Top level!

Luca S. W.

Antares - Ferentino

I did three panoramic courts in an industrial hall. What can I say... very high quality, short time and impeccable customer service. Viva Wip!

Giuseppe M.

Four Padel - Benevento

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